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Getting the drain pan away from car undercarriage. Learn how to remove the drain pan when changing transmission fluid in this free auto maintenance video from a car repair professional. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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25 Responses to “How to Change Transmission Fluid : Removing Transmission Drain Pan”

  1. AngeL0fHeLL99 says:

    This video makes a techs job look dirty and girmy. It doesnt have to be. Wear gloves ALWAYS! protect yourself from infection ( Tetanus, etc…), and wipe up each spill that occurs on the car and off of it. Go slow and easy.

  2. TKOxPITCHBlAk says:

    You really cant go slow and easy if your a Flat Rate Tech. If your slow and easy, you make no money or not that much money.

  3. dietolivefree says:

    this should be re-renamed as how to change only part of your transmission fluid. In an automatic transmission you will never get all the trans fluid out of the trans by just draining the pan, 2/3 of the transmission fluid will still be in your torque converter and inside the transmission. The only way to get all the transmission fluid out is to flush the system with a machine. A new and empty automatic transmission may hold up to 15 quarts of oil or more.

  4. WaltGe says:

    I don’t want to be branded a moron, but if it were me changing the fluid at home, I would try a siphon pump to suck out the fluid through the fill pipe/dipstick tube. Obviously before you try and pull the pan off. You can get this pump for $10 at any good auto parts or variety store and it will save you a lot of mess trying to bottle up the old fluid for recycling. You can’t do this on vehicles with a seal transmission though.

  5. Zee96969696 says:

    whit is this you talking about? have you done it? i thought that what you talking about didn’t work

  6. ShinGakuma says:

    Well you gotta take all the Bolts off from the perimeter of the transmission pan ^^. Should be 3 – 5 Bolts…never seen more than that.

  7. ShinGakuma says:

    yea if im not mistaken, the supply hose and return hoses. No need to use a machine man. If you know what you are doing, it can be done with 1 job :). I bet u know this but…NEVER let the transmission run dry or it will damage the transmission.

  8. notoriousleb says:

    @dietolivefree Yup 100% right, your just mixing some new with old fluid which is useless, gota find the supply hose i belive and temporaily disconnect it and have it over a pan and start the engine, keep topping the fluid up until its a nice red sparkly color then your done, you ACTUALLY flushed your fluid.

  9. ShinGakuma says:

    100% right, and the supply hose will squirt tranny fluid. so what u do is u make urself a custom hose (same size preferred), and stick it where the supply hose connector where the rest of the tranny fluid will come out of.

  10. notoriousleb says:

    @ShinGakuma Yup because just changing the fluid is a waste, like only changing half your engines oil, leaving half dirty and half new.. its a waste.

  11. ShinGakuma says:

    and that would defeat the purpose of even changing it

  12. notoriousleb says:

    @ShinGakuma yeah and it only takes a little more time to flush it out..

  13. coldcash12345 says:

    I hope he fixed his tranny, that was horrible looking fluid. Looked burnt to hell

  14. david0487 says:

    wtf where is the drain plug in that pan …no PLUG?

  15. chevyman10001 says:

    changing Transmission Fluid is a messy job! I had to do it with my 1993 Chevrolet s-10 blazer.

  16. humarijan says:


  17. bigmacx345 says:

    In this step.

  18. keithahfua says:

    thankz man! that the color of my trans. oil!….

  19. insightdeluxe2 says:

    this woul’ve been easier to follow if you numbered each step/video!

  20. rtabish says:

    transmission fluid, like most automotive fluids, is petroleum based, and pretty toxic stuff. you should be wearing a pair of easily obtainable rubber gloves for this procedure, which always gets some fluid on your hands, one way or another.

  21. shakespir23 says:


  22. luckyabe20 says:

    would a mazda 3 be any differnt for changing the transmission fluid? i need to change my mazda 3 trans fluid also but cant find no vids for mazda 3 2007.

  23. totalybitchn says:

    @rtabish yooooooo everybody rtabish is a fucken queer that wears gloves ajajaj what a bitch

  24. lilbeezy4utoo says:

    its gay my 96 vw doesn’t even have a dipstick the tranny is sealed in.

  25. ShmeegleSon says:

    @shakespir23 fag

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