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To change a rear motorcycle tire you must first remove the old wheel from the body of the bike. Watch this free video clip and learn how to do this from a motorcycle expert. Expert: Devin Boddie Contact: Bio: Todd Shawn Tei is the chief instructor (Sifu) of California Academy of Martial Arts located in Burbank, California. Filmmaker: Devin Boddie

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4 Responses to “How to Pimp Motorcycles : Removing Rear Motorcycle Tires”

  1. R1PTHAJACKER says:

    nicely done

  2. ronaldsmusicfactory says:

    what about when the beginner tries to get the brake caliber off and freaks or the sprocket comes off the wheel and then he wonders if he has broke his bike ? my point is that you could have been more detailed,now i have to go make a vid that covers all the steps thanks!

  3. 9859142 says:

    is bt0-16 front and m3 rear a decent pair??

  4. teamhgc says:


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