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Removing the first can of refrigerant and installing the second. Learn about recharging a car’s air conditioner with refrigerant in this free car maintenance video. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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25 Responses to “How to Recharge an Auto A/C System : Removing & Connecting Refrigerant Cans to a Car”

  1. 90ChevyManiac says:

    Thats your a/c compressor turning on and off my 90 model z71 does it about every 5-10 seconds.

  2. comedy24hrs says:

    Useful one…helped me a lot!

    Thank you!

  3. clubcar98 says:

    Id like to bring a few points up. Before you just connect the can of freon slightly pearce it til it hisses a LITTLE and connect it to the port while its hissing a bit, then open it all the way. Another thing is you shouldnt be holding the can upside down!!!!!! Its ok but advised not to do it that way because you can blow up a hose or the head off your compressor. Also if your gonna convert from r12 to r134a then you must take out the compressor and change the oil, as well in the reciver.

  4. jayguy173 says:

    i heard this guy likes to run from the cops

  5. ryback4u says:

    Just a quick question about this procedure. If you cannot fit the whole can, what it the safest way of removing the gauge/can from the system ?

  6. ryback4u says:

    It’s the compressor activating. Normal.

  7. saborguerito says:

    he’s cute!

  8. vigorstyle916chino says:

    hey i have a 88 honda prelude and i tested the a/c button and it doesnt make any noise or engine power reduction i was told that i need to recharge the a/c system. so is that right? even dough it makes no noise when i turned it on?

  9. tnmtemerity says:

    Yeah I want him to work on my car.

  10. MoQuake says:

    great. i juat had my a/c fixed. barely owned a car for a month and now its not working. could it be just an empty tank?

  11. smtc5b says:

    yeah for the R134a you will want to use ester oil.

  12. CookieMGO says:

    This guy is so awesome. LOL

  13. pierce4484 says:

    He did not tell you about the low and high pressure sides off the system (VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY).

  14. ajpunisher666 says:

    this guy is dumd dont know shit didnt tell u shit he just refillin with cans not the right gauges

  15. tippman2k01 says:

    how do u know if the compressor is engaging? i tried to add freon to my system the other day and wen i released the valve on the can and the pressure went all the way up and didnt come down, so i took the can off

  16. timcat100 says:

    Very dangerous…It so happens that the hose you can buy at most parts stores will not fit onto the
    High side of most 1995 and up. Lo and behold and most novice would not know this…The little hose fit’s perfectly onto the high side but not the low side of my 1994 GMC Safari….very scarey. I am still going to charge it with this hose…trick is I am going to do it when its cold out in the morning and engine off with a warmer can of r12a….wierd why this hose only fits the high side????????

  17. pierce4484 says:

    very good.

  18. 54433001 says:

    when i turn my car off the low side gauge goes to red why the high side stays at 60 auto zone gauges pleas help

  19. b18c5integra says:

    I agitate my penis.

  20. MegaBatman17 says:

    were is the vac step you must vac the system first…

  21. EvangelionObsess says:

    See the other videos. This is like the fourth in a series.

  22. Gutsyndicate says:

    why do they need the caption it’s blocking half the screen, we can’t even see what he is doing.

  23. sik05civic says:

    like i stated in a different vid, i see him puncture it, but he doesnt unscrew it to release the fluids… i always retract the needle when adding the fluid… am i doing something different that shouldnt be done??

  24. GSXRRAGE says:

    it would be nice to see the screen

  25. 200twistatwista says:

    lol.. In this clip.. lol!!!

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