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Get step by step instructions for removing a broken lug nut stud with expert car repair tips in this free auto maintenance video. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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18 Responses to “How to Replace Lug Nut Studs : Removing a Broken Lug Nut Stud”

  1. 91DAintegraB20 says:

    Experts my ass your videos suck balls!!!

  2. lovemym16 says:

    yea and you got a better way without taking the hub off…?

  3. 91DAintegraB20 says:

    if you read my comment i sed video and its not just this video im talking about all there videos are sections instead of how to completely do the job

  4. Zineter50 says:

    asshole, you dont know anything about auto.

  5. PersianCzar says:

    Hey for the new DIY mechanic, these videos are informative so thanks!

  6. banban333 says:

    thnaks so much.. im changing the one for my wifes lexus..

  7. Compwhiz128 says:


    DONT DO THAT, You will brinell the wheel bearings. REMOVE THE DRIVE FLANGE, then remove the studs that way.

  8. psyduck731 says:

    use a ball peen hammer not a claw hammer claw hammers are for nails

  9. abudabit says:

    I would take the hub off. Then support it against something less critical than the bearings and seal.

  10. cheezhead69 says:

    why are you still posting videos you HACK!

  11. dsrevo79 says:

    so is he gonna damage the claw> he’s using it to strike….lol……

  12. the3rdeye88 says:

    i think this is what i was thinking when i saw the last one…

  13. ghtowagon says:

    @psyduck731 Nate is putting up sheetrock later so he needed the claw hammer LOL.

  14. EagleBaaz says:

    Nate you are just brealiant,awesom,very helpful. tnx for your all help.

  15. pfun41 says:

    i beat mine with a sledge and it wouldnt come out

  16. iKnockturnal says:

    make sure to use safety googles when using a hammer
    haha who does that ;p

  17. we5leyz says:

    Carefully hammer the stud out without hitting the hub… BAM! BAM!!!!!!!

  18. northeasteg6 says:

    nice dent in your car. looks like somethign out of a scrap yard. studs dont rust unless they sit without lugs on them for a while.

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