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Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling

Well I know that NS was doing crossing maintaince for about a week on this stretch of road here at Staunton IL at the intersection of Henry/Madison. I thought it be cool to film here! NS 33Q with NS 9107 got by me early this morning but I found out NS 21T southbound hot stack train was delayed so I went and set up and what a treat! 25mph speed restriction with conductor Boston giving a wave on NS SD70 2579, NS D9-40CW 9583, NS D9-40CW 9396, NS SD60 6666, and NS SD70 2557 with a auto-model heading to Saint Louis, Missouri with NS 70E behind.

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4 Responses to “NS 21T (8-6-10) 2 SD70s, 2 D9’s, SD60 lead stack!”

  1. CSXRP says:

    Excellent leader and K5LA, I haven’t heard one that nice in a while. Thumbs up.

  2. csxES44DC says:

    Nice lashup!

  3. cheechchongfan97 says:

    Spartan Cab SD70s all the way!

  4. xxxDeath9572xxx says:

    Wow, power house!!

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