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Online Auto Repair Manuals

This video shows you what the Mitchell online auto repair manuals look like on the other side of the log in button. More information about this auto repair help program is available at

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5 Responses to “Online Auto Repair Manuals”

  1. jamintown says:

    Thanks a lot for your efforts … am trying to get a car manual for my car ( 1998 model ) but i could not get what i want , untill i saw this ,,, it’s great .. jam

  2. MarkHorseman says:

    As a driveway mechanic I can say that this whole car repair manual online thing is a big help and so was your video. It was nice to see what the Mitchell’s program looked like in real life.

  3. andylyboy31 says:

    you are jerk!!!
    what kind of help is that???
    if i want to buy a repair manual i’ll buy it at any store…stupid!!!

  4. mgittelman says:

    Andy: “buy it at any store” Thats exactly what the video was about. If you buy the repair manual in paper format at the store you spend more and get less!

    No printed store bought manual includes the factory technical service bulletins for your specific vehicle.

  5. turbospartan says:

    I agree with mgittelman.. You get more buying this online then a book. Online gets updates where a book just stays a book and gets out of date.

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