Auto Inkoop Bedrijf

Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling in San Diego North County | Temecula | Riverside offers nothing less than high quality and perfect bumper paint scratch repair. San Diego , Riverside and Temecula Bumper Time comes to your home or office and restores your damaged, bumper or panel back to new within hours not days! No dropping off your vehicle and leaving at a shop. 100% factory color match guaranteed with a written lifetime warranty. 800-420-3368 or text message us your photos to 858-699-2054 Serving mobile paintless dent removal, bumper and scratch repair in San Diego and North County areas.

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13 Responses to “San Diego | Temecula Car Auto Paint Scratch Repair / Key Scratches / Chips / Bumper Scuffs Mercedes”

  1. davidlector says:

    wow, impressing repair. Especially because is mobile,
    Great job bumper time

  2. MYNAME1956 says:


  3. fwynn says:

    oh WUUT O__O
    that’s amazing!

  4. Whitening98 says:

    did you use 320 when u resurfaced the panel? wat did you use when u were sanding by hand on 33 sec ?

  5. denttime says:

    @Whitening98 To be honest, I don’t know what grit # our technician was using.

  6. Whitening98 says:

    alright thnx

  7. USCXXX75 says:

    Do You Use 400 Wet Sand Paper?? Or

  8. mejawmeyaw says:

    is there another way ?

  9. lovedcc818 says:

    how long does the paint last??? it cant be as strong as the original factory paint right???

  10. freakyflow says:

    @Whitening98 doesn’t look like a 320 on a black car and a DA on top of that. I think maybe 400 or 500 cause it was eatting the clear off. and the hand sanding looked like a light grit wetsand maybe for blending or just to give the clear a grip

  11. papapetad says:

    Good work but no mention of price and things like, if the car overall has some fade on the paint work, then color matching won’t be so good because the panel that’s touched up will look way better than the rest of the car, in which case spot treatment would be more effective. Or you have to do a good cut and polish on the whole car before doing that panel. Every job is different, technician can basically use any grit he wants as long as he has the skill to keep the sanding very consistent 🙂

  12. denttime says:

    @papapetad No price is mentioned for business reasons. Not all repairs are the same as you mentioned and neither is the cost. I didn’t have to mention about fading because obviously this vehicle was practically brand new and color matching would not even come close as an issue. Thanks for your input though.

  13. denttime says:

    We are now servicing and performing high quality auto bumper scratch and paint repair in the following cities; San Diego, Temecula, Riverside and Corona areas. 800.420.3368

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