Auto Inkoop Bedrijf

Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling

Shotgun Suicide gets handy under the hood with a dipstick, showing you where to put it and how to keep it well oiled.

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8 Responses to “SuicideGear: Vehicle Maintenance 101 – Checking Your Fluids by Shotgun Suicide”

  1. sod132 says:

    cool ;p

  2. gokudoman says:

    Love you too Shotgun 😛
    Yeah the oil has odd numbers that i got confused looking for one for my dad haha.

  3. bubbyslife2 says:

    where’s the tats

  4. feeish says:

    Dallas gear BOOOOO Great vid though

  5. Gmansters says:

    aim for the hole.. heh
    good video shotgun

  6. DENILE12 says:

    I love you girls 🙂

  7. jmdude8 says:

    i hate the dallas cowboys!

  8. knuckledragger05 says:

    Hey your from ohio also sweet!!!! So when do you want to come to work with me ill let you try your hands at big rigs.

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