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Symptoms of Brain Tumors

Dr. Len Cerullo, CINN Medical Director and Neurosurgeon, discusses the most common signs and symptoms of brain tumors. These symptoms are as variable as the parts of the brain where tumors may present. Symptoms of brain tumors may include dizziness, weakness, seizures, behavior changes, headaches in rare cases and other neurologic deficits. Dr. Cerullos experience spans over twenty-five years of treating patients with brain tumors at one of the largest and most comprehensive neurosurgical practices in the country.

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25 Responses to “Symptoms of Brain Tumors”

  1. ventolinNpanadol says:

    hmm always get severe headache this week lately, and my hair fall but not abundant amount every mornig and always feel nausea.

  2. lucrene1112 says:

    I have had brain cancer since the age of 7-8… Pilocytic-astrocytoma…..had brain operation as an adult…but they could not get it all…….No chemo….No radiation…….use cannabis….eat raw foods….( .seeds…apple…grape….aprecot have VitB17.)…..stay away from sugars…..milk……foods with hormones…….& never let a Doctor tell you how long you have to live….I will be 48….

  3. eliasisnemesis says:

    @lucrene1112 so sugars givve tumors?

  4. lucrene1112 says:

    @eliasisnemesis been told not to eat fruit even….tumors feed on all sugars…..

  5. eliasisnemesis says:

    @lucrene1112 dang I suffered from astrocytoma tumors since birth but was just detected with them in 2005 when i already dying ive had 4 major surgeries since then and radiations following with medications there is no signs of me wuth any tumor since 2008

  6. lucrene1112 says:

    @eliasisnemesis that is great to hear…no sign of your brain tumors…..i was also most likely born with mine…but symtoms did not start until age 7-8……you have been though a lot…I feel you…I really do…peace on…& stay well…

  7. konjunktion26 says:

    why they don´t create a medical solution to heal cancer? so much intelligence but nobody is able to create a solution for cancer? they visit the moon and soon mars and they create bombs, they create cars like mad, they create secret technologys for military and they create weapons but nobody has time to create a solution for cancer?

  8. alanstarkie2001 says:

    @konjunktion26 I was watching a video by an Italian oncologist who reckons that cancer is actually fungal in nature. He treats his patients with bicarbonate of soda and gets good results. If true, that would explain why we should avoid sugar. All fungal infections respond to sugar and the acid PH of our body chemistry when we eat it.

  9. alanstarkie2001 says:

    @eliasisnemesis check this video: /watch?v=HQuODiMlUsc

  10. inquestFLASH says:


    the answer is fucken money

  11. therocd says:

    what about a head ack that wont go away ive hade it for 3 days iv taken pills an they dont work

  12. suzuki834 says:

    @konjunktion26 watch run from the cure

    thieve foud a few things that cure cancer but none of them make money there too cheap
    think about how much money people throw at the cancer foundations and shit hoping for a cure its all going to there pockets


  13. suzuki834 says:

    @lucrene1112 ever heard of hemp oil
    and canabinoids kill cancer cells not using cannibis isnt the smartest move
    hope u get rid of that shit
    not that it seems to be holding u back

  14. lucrene1112 says:

    @suzuki834 dont follow you…?…what are you trying to say…THC has been proven to kill brain & lung cancer…CBD from cannabis kills aggressive breast cancer..hemp oil kills cancer cells..shrinks tumors….take it you did not check out my site,…??

  15. suzuki834 says:

    @lucrene1112 i thoght u were saying u never used cannabis
    and i was segesting hemp oil

  16. lucrene1112 says:

    @suzuki834 will thank you…i had better re-write if that is what it sounds like….Hemp oil…cannabis is why i am now the oldest survivor of this type of childhood brain cancer…..thank you again… ; )

  17. lucrene1112 says:

    if you have brain cancer…do not think it is the end…do not think that your child will not grow up….I am now one of the oldest survivors of this type of childhood brain cancer…that could nor be totaly removed…about 3/4 was..I am 48,…have had it since at least age 7…..I believe i am alive today because of cannabis…hemp oil…and my diet that has for the most part left out…meat…etc…watch run from the cure…then watch earthlings..& eat raw food..

  18. alanlancer008 says:

    @lucrene1112 id kill myself, im sorry, but i would. i dont wana go through stress and everything. i would end my life in the most simple way. get in the car, tell my parants i love em. drive somwere were none there crash as hard as i can and i be dead. im not going through this, u can call me weak, but im not going through it

  19. alanlancer008 says:

    @suzuki834 are you saying smoking weed, would help you not get a tumor or help cancer or tumor to shrink? idk about that tho….if it was that rue they would have some type of pill i know hey do but it dont do anything beside smke u hungry and they 1000 for 30 of them. and they like killing all the shops in cali so idk about that

  20. lucrene1112 says:

    @alanlancer008 & what if you didnt die…just paralized your self…? you dont have brain cancer do you…? hope not……best.

  21. suzuki834 says:

    @alanlancer008 thers no money in a cure look it up they’ve found a few cures hemp oil is just the most popular
    and yea just smoking pot can help protect ur self slightly
    but u canot cure ur cancer from just smoking pot u need to make hemp oil

    do some research on it watch run from the cure he gives a very brief tutorial on how to make hemp oil too but do more research if u try to make it cause u could blow up

  22. benchod94 says:

    so is a tumor headache isolated to that part of the head?


    i get hed akes but there lik very strong migranes n it hurts lik on da tip odf my hed lik i got a bump but theres no bump n i feel nausues n see werid i cant sae double vision cus idk wat dat is

  24. cornflaker22 says:

    my grandma had and died from a brain tumor, it runs in the family. i think i might have it..

  25. locomoco453 says:

    @cornflaker22 talk to your doctor about getting a MRI

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