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In order to become an auto service technician, or mechanic, a person should take classes that are based in science, physics and math. Discover how entry-level skills can be obtained at a community college with help from an automotive technology professor in this free video on car mechanics. Expert: Bob Ricewasser Bio: Bob Ricewasser is a former automotive technology professor, and an avid car collector. Filmmaker: Nathan Boehme

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4 Responses to “Troubleshooting Car Problems : How to Become an Auto Mechanic”

  1. dogfoodmovies says:

    at my hige sckool you can take a early colledg shoud i take it

  2. pdspublishing says:

    Good Advice Thanks! please check out my page on earning an income from home in mechanics.
    Great Vid Cheers

  3. racer7007 says:

    i want to become one real bad!

  4. seandever12 says:

    I am interested in cars alot but Im not sure becoming a professional mechanic is the right direction for me or if I want to do it for a living, how would I go aobut becoming knowledgable enouph about cars to persue it as a serious hobby for car projects and what not? thanks.

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