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Types Of Engine Oil

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9 Responses to “Types Of Engine Oil”

  1. BGBOY16 says:

    i use royal purple for my rsx

  2. FixFalcon says:

    I’m very proud of ya.

  3. GarrettJDB says:

    @BGBOY16 what kind of filer do you use

  4. GarrettJDB says:

    my brother uses royal purple and a K&N on his 98 Chevy 350 half ton

  5. HiTechOilCo says:

    The, “Energy Conserving”, label doesn’t refer to a special formula or but the viscosity of the oil. No viscosity thicker than 10W-30 will have the, “Energy Conserving”, label.

  6. HiTechOilCo says:

    @GarrettJDB – Maybe he’ll come around someday. 🙂

  7. HiTechOilCo says:

    @BGBOY16 – What year is your car?

  8. TALKCalgary says:

    The energy conserving badge is pure marketing BS. It only means the oil is a low viscosity.

    Still after watching this at least I know what an oil stain looks like:-)

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